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Make sure that the domains you want to use already point to your WordPress installation root. This requires two steps:. No, you should not use the plugin with a WordPress multisite installation.

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There are other plugins for that purpose. This plugin is only used to map domains on a single-site installation. If you are not sure if you should use a single- or multisite installation, please refer to the WordPress Codex: If you plan on creating sites that are strongly interconnected, that share data, or share users, then a multisite network might NOT be the best solution. We did not test the plugin in a multisite environment and can not help you with your support questions regarding such a setting.

If you are on the frontend of your site and logged in, it will happen that you do not see the admin bar and seem to be logged out when viewing URIs with mapped domains.

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This is because WordPress uses cookies to save the login-state. These cookies have your main domain saved and so they are not able to recognize you logged in when viewing URIs with mapped domains. Yes, and since version 0. You have to define these domains in the IDN format. For example the domain www. Maybe we will include an automatic conversion like Punycode. If you have set up your language-plugin like WPML or Polylang to forward users to the page that represents the browser-language, it is very likely that this will not work with the domain mapping plugin.

If you have set up all your domains and certificates correctly, the plugin will work with https-connections as well.

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  7. Watch out to enter the correct protocol http vs. If you do not have a certificate for your additional domains, you must enter them with http. Do not try to have a certificate only for an additional domain but not for the main domain: Browsers will detect mixed content and display security warnings. Some server-setups require that you enter both the http and https version in your mappings — we will try to fix this in future releases.

    In the meantime, refer to the according screenshot to see the correct sequence.

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    Instead of those original URLs, the sitemap shows the mapped domains. As the plugin hooks into various link-generating methods, also other sitemap-plugins which use these standard-functions should work with this plugin. Version 0. Unfortunately not — some parts work, some not.

    Multiple Domain Mapping on Single Site

    It is difficult to find out and by now we do not see a chance for us to take the time needed for good support and compatibility. WooCommerce seems to use a lot of link-generating functions that are not in WordPress core. This seems to be necessary for different product types and so on. If you want to use custom domains for parts of your WooCommerce store, this plugin is not yet the right decision. Although the plugin changes the include paths of scripts and styles to the mapped domains, it can happen that paths inside css-files still refer to your main domain.

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    Your design possibilities are literally limitless with Elementor! Elementor essentially replaces the WordPress editing tool with a frontend editor. Can I create a custom access restriction logic for each domain? Can I get the language associated with the current domain? Can I show the current domain in the content of posts or pages? What domains should I add to the plugin setup? This plugin is totally messing around There has been already multiple issue with it and now it is getting worse I'm uninstalling it and looking for another real working one. Seamlessly exchanges all instances, even the linktext is replaced when it is named like "www.

    Thanks for sharing your work, Gustavo! The only thing I miss is the SEO compliance about duplicate content. I found a solution in this support thread: I implemented the proposed solution and it works absolutely fine, each page on each domain links to the canonical link. Besides this issue, everything is absolutely great! Great and fast support on forum! The idea and possibility of this plugin is magnificent. For instance. In addition to all this your website is blank.. I had hoped there might be some more information. Very unprofessional Will be seeking alternative methods I'm very satisfied with the plugin.

    Last time when there was an issue with PHP 5. Registro de cambios 0. Added option to enable canonical tags. Moved WordPress admin features to a separate class.